Our Services

On Site

  • Executive story consulting
  • Review scripts or stories with recommendations
  • Research on psychologically oriented topics
  • Strategies for helping with suffering partners, actors, or collaborators
  • Support for grief and loss
  • Organizational Psychology and HR support

On Set

  • Psychotherapy support for actors, directors, and crew
  • Intimacy Coordination
  • Mental Health Coordination
  • Therapeutic consulting 
  • Support for difficult workplaces/creatives
  • Grief Support and Counseling for accidents or sudden traumas
  • On set psychotherapy for principals 

On Screen

  • Editorial consulting for sensitive topics
  • Mental Health Coordination
  • Program support audience engagement
  • Marketing support for sensitive topics
  • Program management support and consulting
  • Public Relations Consulting for sensitive topics
  • HR and Management Reporting

It's a lot to take in, give Media Psychology Services a call.